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Brothers Utilize ND Investment Expertise with
Donor-Advised Fund

Gary, Diane, and Peter Kaneb
Gary ’83, Diane, and Peter ’82 Kaneb

For brothers Gary ’83 and Peter ’82 Kaneb, their years on campus helped to instill in them a deep faith and a desire to serve the greater good, commitments they have demonstrated, in part, through their support of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) and Catholic faculty hiring at Notre Dame.

When Gary and Peter, along with Gary’s wife, Diane, wanted to simplify their charitable giving, they looked to Notre Dame’s recently established Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) program. Increasingly popular among philanthropic individuals and families, DAFs allow donors to actively advise where and when their charitable assets are distributed, while also centralizing the investment and administration of those assets.

Notre Dame DAFs are able to take advantage of the excellent performance of the Notre Dame Endowment, without any fees. For the fiscal year 2012, with a 10.8 percent rate of return over the past 15 fiscal years and a 9.9 percent return over the previous ten years, Notre Dame’s has become one of the best performing endowments in all of higher education, and is today considered one of the strongest institutional investment pools in the world.

“We’ve had a DAF at Fidelity for many years,” said Gary, “but decided to move a portion of that fund to Notre Dame because we wanted to take advantage of the expertise of the Notre Dame Investment Office. We have great confidence that ND’s first-rate investment team will continue to outperform the market and manage our fund’s assets very well in the long term, while our family continues to develop our philanthropic plan.”