Donor Stories and Legacies

A Word of Thanks

As a recipient of the Florence Dailey Memorial Scholarship, Ryan Boccabella has a lot for which to be grateful. Recently the sophomore computer science major expressed his appreciation for the women and men who so generously support student financial aid at Notre Dame.

“Being at Notre Dame is an enormous blessing for which I am thankful every day. The University is an unparalleled academic community that has helped me to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

“The academic opportunities here are incredible. My professors are brilliant, always excited to share their insights and understanding with us. My fellow students are really focused on fully comprehending the material. All of this has pushed me to think in different ways and learn as much as I can.

“But, of course, Notre Dame cultivates much more than our minds. There are so many excellent athletic programs. In our dorm my section often comes together to play football or basketball; the healthy competition has helped to grow our friendships. I have also been able to feed my passion for hockey and running through interhall sports and to try new things—such as ballroom dancing and cycling—while meeting new people.

“Most important are the abundant opportunities to grow my relationship with God. The Grotto and Basilica are beautiful places to worship, the sacramental opportunities are abundant, and Campus Ministry provides great retreats and programs for students to deepen their faith. To see a community come together over the Eucharist is wondrous; I can always find a friend to whom I can talk frankly and deeply about our beliefs.

“Without assistance from the Florence Dailey Scholarship, none of this would be possible. I simply cannot express my appreciation enough for this gift.”