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Love Notre Dame? Leave a lasting legacy by joining the Stephen Theodore Badin Guild.

What is the Badin Guild?

Planned gifts create extraordinary opportunities to support Notre Dame. The Badin Guild comprises alumni, parents, and friends who, through thoughtful estate planning, deferred giving, and other forms of planned giving, ensure that resources will be available to support Notre Dame far into the future.

The Badin Guild is named in honor of Father Stephen Theodore Badin, who was the first Roman Catholic priest ordained in America and who also made the first major benefaction to Notre Dame—a “planned gift” of more than 500 acres of land that led to the founding of the University of Notre Dame.

The impact of planned gifts on the history and future of Notre Dame is immeasurable. The single largest scholarship on campus was funded with a bequest, and buildings like the Eck Hall of Law, the Guglielmino Athletics Complex, and the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center all resulted from planned gifts. Planned gifts help repair equipment, keep the grounds beautiful, and renovate buildings.

The impact of your own planned gift, which qualifies you for membership in the Badin Guild, will last forever and impact generations of students at Our Lady’s University.

How do I become a member?

Joining the Badin Guild is easy! Simply inform us in writing that you have included Notre Dame in your estate plans and provide us with one of the following pieces of documentation:

  • A completed signed Estate Gift Confirmation form
  • A copy of the pertinent provisions in your will or trust
  • A copy of the life insurance policy naming the University as beneficiary
  • A letter from your attorney stating that you have included Notre Dame in your estate plans
  • Or simply contact Greg Dugard at (574) 631-5776 or

Your information will be kept confidential. It is important that we know of your intention, to enable the University to plan for the future. Most important, it gives us the opportunity to thank you and to work with you on specifics of your intention.

What are the Badin Guild membership experiences?

As a member of the Stephen Theodore Badin Guild, you will receive:

  • Invitations to exclusive Badin Guild events
  • A memento emblematic of membership
  • The University’s Annual Report
  • News and communications from the Badin Guild and the Office of Gift Planning
  • Irish Insights, the newsletter of the Office of Gift Planning with timely information on investments, taxes, and estate planning
  • Additional University special communications including:
    Notre Dame Magazine

We are pleased to offer our valued Badin Guild members the following exclusive on-campus discounts and special member dining opportunities with the presentation of a valid personalized Badin Guild membership card.

Discounts and Dining on Campus

  • 20% off select gear at the Warren Golf Course Pro Shop—see Pro Shop for details
  • 10% off rooms at the Morris Inn (excludes special events weekends*)
  • 10% off meals at Sorin’s, Rohr’s, and the Wind Family Fireside Inn (excludes special events weekends*)
  • 15% off meals in the North and South Dining Halls (excludes special events weekends*)

*Special event weekends are the Fridays and Saturdays of Home Football Games, Commencement, Jr. Parents Weekend, and the Blue/Gold Game.

Membership experiences are subject to change without notice.